Saturday, December 29, 2012


Karen is obsessed with our gear, which is a good thing ;-). She was weighing all of our individual gear & group gear and we have certain weight limit goals we are working towards. It’s not easy to reach these goals! Thanks to MS Excel she can easily add or drop items and their weight and we always have the grand total right there. This way we figured out what we can bring, should not bring and what else we need. To purchase additional gear is always a stretch on a limited budget but it basically came down to weight & volume vs. money, and since we will use most of the gear throughout 2013 we invested in things that will make a difference. For example, we sold (at least tried to ;-) our Mountain Hardware Trango2 and got a Hilleberg Jannu. This saved us 5 pounds in weight + backpack space which is not insignificant. Everything adds up…At the same time we wanted to (and did) utilize most of the gear and equipment we already had.

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