Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preparation for 2013

Where should we go? When should we go? How long should we stay? How do we travel? These were some of the questions we had to ask ourselves while preparing for our year of travel. Looking at all the places we were interested in and all the places we would like to go, we quickly realized that a year is not enough!!! We would need way more than a year in order to really experience all the places we would like to see so we had to tremendously cut the lists. Another factor was/is money. The more you jump from continent to continent, since time constrains limit the mode of travel, the more expensive it gets. Anyway, after deciding on hiking in Patagonia from January – March, biking from Slovenia to Finland from March – June, being back in Alaska in June, July and beginning of August and doing either a road trip through the western US or a canoe trip in Canada from August-October we had to go into planning details. So what gear should we bring? Which routes should we take? And again, where should we go?

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