Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to "normal"


It's our first layover day today. We spontaneously decided to stay another night at our Rio Olivia campsite, in the wood near the river, since we made very good progress on the Sierra Valdivieso circuit and have plenty of food. As expected, things have fallen into place and it feels so normal to hike and camp every day. The routines are down; the backpack packed in an efficient way and the body ready for the daily dose of hiking. But what is even better is the status of mind I am in. At peace, nothing else to focus on, I am 100% here and enjoy every minute. The quite time hiking through the forest, talking to Karen, alpine vegetation, bare rock, the sound of the running river, or just the fresh, crisp air I breathe. It feels very good to be outside and to be enroute.

I am curious about the other transitions Karen and I will go through during our adventure. The start was awesome so far and Karen will write about Sierra Valdivieso circuit in her update. Our spotty SPOT updates of the route can be found here.

We are carrying a SPOT 2 with the tracking feature on our travels, mainly for safety reasons but also to track our routes. However, the coverage in southern South America isn’t great according to the map (but as we found out, it sometimes works ;-). Also, the tracker will work more and more as we make our way up North. The good thing is it will do its magic in Europe, Alaska, Canada and/or Western US without any problems. So we decided to bring it to South America to know that we have at least the “SPOT option” in case of an emergency. I highly recommend the SPOT for any longer trips.

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