Monday, February 18, 2013

Daily life

Daily Input - Output Analysis
I   - Inputs: oxygen, water, food
II  - Processes: work & body functions
III - Outputs: heat, sweat, "human waste"

I, II, III & cloth + gear allow us to:
A - hike
B - sleep = maintenance

Pretty simple! What else do you "need" on a daily basis? ...something to read?!? ...but books are heavy!

After comparing the e-reader options on the market and looking at our needs, I got us the Kindle Keyboard with 3G and Wi-Fi for our travels; and I´m an even bigger fan of Amazon right now since we have the Kindle.

Here is why:
Compared to a tablet the Kindle has a lighter weight (it only weighs 8.7 oz) has a much longer battery life (up to 2 months) and is way cheaper. It comes with 3G and Wi-Fi, which only Amazon offers (as far as I know) and has an experimental browser to do Internet. Devices like the Kindle Touch or Paperwhite also offer 3G & Wi-Fi, however, 3G on these devices is limited to Amazon´s website and Wikipedia. The Kindle Keyboard 3G has not these limitations, which means we are able to check email whenever we have a cellphone signal. OK, I have to say, the browser is not comparable to standard browsers like Firefox or Opera, but having the ability to write a quick email to family & friends or to find out some information from the middle of nowhere (but with cellphone signal ;-) without any kind of data contract is pretty need.

Top that with Amazon´s excellent customer service and you can only love Amazon. The Kindel Keyboard 3G, an excellent device for travelers, which of course you can also use to read books or .pdf´s with!

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